Our Technology


CAREBra paired with CAREDevices acts as a sensor device attached to the surface of the skin


Receive and upload data to CAREBra APP via Bluetooth


Theories of heat conduction and metabolism are transformed into divisible data


CAREBra APP system generates analytical report


1. Dynamic continuous monitoring probes for recording 3 types of body data

  • Use a contact thermal sensor to measure local body temperature to form a 24H 10,000-point metabolic thermogram
  • A non-contact heat sensor is used to measure local tissues to form a 10,000-point energy metabolism heat map
  • Measure the rhythmic relationship between the non-contact metabolic heat and the density of water molecules

2. The body temperature rhythm formed by monitoring data every 5 seconds in each group can be used as a biomarker

3. Epidermal microenvironment monitoring: 3 sets of sensor data form a hierarchical warning of "breast biorhythm" with 0.001 accuracy.


Spectrum 1 - Dynamic temperature rhythm

Spectrum 2 - Dynamic biometabolic rhythm

Spectrum 3 - Dynamic humidity rhythm


Breast Health Indicator and CareTips

Your breast health will be expressed by a continous spectrum of health levels and the associated risk will be expressed as a simplified health grade, i.e., from Grade 1 as healthy breasts to Grade 5 which suggests a very high risks of breast cancer. The system will also make corresponding suggestions based on your health risk and gives recommendation on further medical diagnosis as necessary.

CAREBra Clinical Trial

Note: Clinical trial conducted by Tigermed

Indicator CAREBra

i.e. Breast Temperature Monitor

(Note 1)

B-mode ultrasound

(Note 2)


(Note 3)


(Note 4)


(Note 4)

Sensitivity 97.70% 79.3% 86.67% 83.30% 88.50%
Specificity 76.60% 89.00% 54.05% 66.70% 84.90%
- False positive 23.40% 11% 45.95% 33.30% 15.10%
- False negative 2.3% 21.70% 13.33% 16.70% 11.50%
- Positive Predictive Value 76.8% / / 88.20% /
- Negative Predictive Value 97.70% / / / /
Total concordance rate 85.90% 73.50% 63.46% 79.20% 86.90%

Data Sources:
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