How CAREBra® Works

You can now monitor your breast health at your own home!

CAREBra is a scientific tool to assist the monthly breast self-exam.


(1) CAREBra®
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(2) Care Device - Dynamic Thermometer

  1. CAREBra is a state of the art technology offering regular monitoring of breast health at home.
  2. It is the 1st of its kind to allow early-screening of possible breast health concerns.
  3. Clinical trial have demonstrated the accuracy rate more than 80%.
  4. The device serves as an adjunct to conventional screening method such as mammography MRI ultrasound method, filling in the gap in the window period between examinations that usually lasts for a period of 1 to 2 years.
  5. The vision of CAREBra is to provide earliest possible stress-free non-invasive domestic screening to identify breast health issues at earliest possible time frame before any clinical consulting and screening are to be taken place. So this early screening will definitely reduce the heavy cost burden incurred in medical treatments.


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How to use


Step 1

Insert the battery cell and press and hold the switch until the blue light is on


Step 2

Connect to the mobile app


Step 3

Make sure that the Biorhythm derive  with the letter L/R is inserted into the left/right breast, and the silver detection point should be aligned with the left/right nipple respectively


Step 4

Make sure that the silver detection point is aligned with the nipple


Step 5

Raise your hands three times in a row to check whether the carebra underwear you are wearing has shifted. At the same time, check whether the distance between the silver detection point and the nipple is within 1cm. If it is, it means that the detector is in good contact with the skin, and it can be detected.