Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to wear CAREBra® correctly? Any hints?

a) It must be ensured that the Biorhythm System with the letter L is inserted into the left chest, and the silver detection point should be aligned with the left nipple.

b) It must be ensured that the Biorhythm System with the letter R is inserted into the right chest, and the silver detection point should be aligned with the right nipple.

c) Then raise your hand three times in a row to check whether the CAREBra® underwear you are wearing has shifted? At the same time, check whether the distance between the silver detection point and the nipple is within 1 cm. If it is, it means that the detector is in good contact with the skin and it can be detected.


Q: What are the precautions during wearing and how will they affect the monitoring results?

1) Strictly follow the instructions for monitoring.

2) 7-10 days after the start of the menstrual period is the most stable period of female hormone levels, the test data will be more accurate.

3) The Day test is to ensure data integrity; the Night test is for data accuracy.


Q: How long does the monitoring take to generate a report?

1) It is recommended to monitor continuously for at least 8 hours (to ensure that there are 6 hours of valid data collection), and do not turn off the dynamic System for more than 1 hour during monitoring process, otherwise the monitoring will be affected and the report may become invalid .

2) The monitoring report should be generated within 24 hours and no later than 3 working days after the data is submitted. You can find and view all monitoring records and related monitoring reports under the "My Information-My Reports" section.


Q: Why do I need to distinguish between left (L) and right (R) when wearing a Biorhythm System?

A: Distinguishing the left side and the right side is very important to find out the disease site and make accurate diagnosis.


Q: If I forget to shut down the device after monitoring, will it affect the monitoring value?

A: Since temperatures below 30°C will not be calculated, it will not affect the results, but it may drain the battery.


Q: How do I know if the dynamic thermometer battery is dead?

A: When the Biorhythm System is flashing red and cannot be detected by the mobile phone, please replace the battery.


Q: Can I pair the same Biorhythm System with 2 different mobile phones at the same time?

A: No! Each device represents an account and a tracking record and can only be engaged to one mobile phone. If you are replacing a new phone, you must first cancel the original bound phone, and then switch to a new phone.


Q: Why can't I search for my device on my mobile phone?

a) Make sure that your mobile phone is within 1 meter with CAREBra®, and then gently click the button behind the Biorhythm System to activate Bluetooth.
b) Ensure that the battery of the Biorhythm System is fully charged. If the battery is exhausted, please replace it with a new one asap.
c) Make sure that the Biorhythm System is not engaged to other mobile phone. If the Biorhythm System has been bound to another mobile phone, please use this mobile phone to enter the App for disengagement.
d) Try to restart the phone and make sure that Bluetooth is enabled before pairing.

Q: Can I also monitor if I wear a dynamic thermometer without connecting to a mobile phone?

A: Yes, the dynamic thermometer has an offline cache function, but please reconnect the mobile phone for data synchronizing after the monitoring is completed.


Q: I have followed the instructions, but I still cannot pair my mobile phone with the Biorhythm System. What can I do?

A: When pairing, please make sure that the distance between your mobile phone and the Biorhythm System is within 1 meter.


Q: Can the Biorhythm System be taken on the plane?

A: Of course you can bring the Biorhythm System to the plane.


Q: Is the Biorhythm System waterproof? Will it affect the accuracy of data monitoring if it is accidentally exposed to water?

A: Please note that the Biorhythm System should never be cleaned directly under water. As This product contains electronic circuits, once it is washed, it may be damaged.


Q: I have completed the monitoring, what should I do next?

A: After the monitoring is completed, please connect your mobile phone to the Biorhythm System (L and R) to allow the data synchronization to be completed which takes about 1 minute.


Q: What should I do with the Biorhythm System after monitoring?

A: After the data synchronization is completed, please turn off the Biorhythm System to maintain battery life. The Biorhythm System should not be dipped in water. Before washing underwear, please make sure that the Biorhythm System in CAREBra® has been removed.


Q: Can I exercise while monitoring?

A: We do not recommend to perform the monitoring during exercise, because changes in the physiological conditions will affect the changes in rhythm.


Q: I am a person who sweats a lot. Will it have any impact on the use of the dynamic thermometer or the accuracy of the data?

A: Sweating does have a slight impact on the monitoring, but it will not change the accuracy of the data.


Q: Can I monitor during menstruation or pregnancy?

A: We do not recommend that you take the test, because your biological rhythm will change during menstruation or pregnancy, thus affecting the accuracy of monitoring.


Q: Will menstruation affect the monitoring results?

A: As the biological rhythm of a person during menstrual period changes greatly, therefore it will affect the monitoring results.

We do not recommend that you take the test during menstruation, because your body temperature will change a lot during menstruation or pregnancy, which will affect the accuracy of monitoring.


Q: Can pregnant women take CAREBra® for a long time?

A: The dynamic body temperature instrument and its use are harmless to the human body. It has an offline data buffer function. When transmitting rhythm data, it is only transmitted by low-power medical micro-Bluetooth, so it has no effect on pregnant women. However, due to the different biological rhythms of pregnant women, we do not recommend using it during pregnancy.


Q: Can I use CAREBra® once I have been diagnosed with benign breast tumors?

A: It can be used to diagnose benign breast tumors. CAREBra® is not suitable for breast cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy or "electrotherapy" (radiotherapy).

(Note: It can be used if you have undergone chemotherapy or radiotherapy, but ensure that the breast tissue changes are not affected.)


Q: How early can breast cancer be detected?

A: The formation and development of breast cancer does not happen in a day. We are detecting changes in breast health. We have made a risk classification reminder based on this change. When it reaches level 4-5, we will advise users to go to a medical institution for examination as soon as possible. Use as soon as possible to increase the chance of early detection of breast cancer.


Q: What should I do if there is a technical problem?

A: If you have any problems with use, please call the hotline 3690 9863.


Q: Is it safe to use?

A: The product has obtained the National Medical Device Class II Certificate and the European CE Certificate.


Q: What indicators will CAREBra® detect and how to judge whether it is normal?

A: What is monitored is the fluctuation of human biological rhythm. Monitoring is still normal if the report is lower than level 3. Level 3 or lower still means that there is so far no risk of breast cancer.


Q: Is the product accurate?

A: As the clinical studies demonstrated and compared with the gold standard, the accuracy rate of the Biorhythm System reached 85.9%. The accuracy of 85.9% means that it is compared with the most accurate biopsy and tissue test of 99.9%. In clinical trials, a sensitivity of 97.7% means sensitivity to any warning about breast health.


Q: What will affect the accuracy rate?

1) Is the wearing position correct?

2) Is the effective duration of wearing sufficient?

3) Is the optimal monitoring time indicated in the instruction manual?


Q: How to determine the accuracy of the information?

a) Since the personal biorhythm will be affected by different environments, it is recommended to wear CAREBra® at night in the first few days. It is best to monitor for about 24 hours each time to establish a more complete basic personal biorhythm data.

b) In order to improve the basic data of personal biorhythm for the first time users, we recommend a continuous wearing for three days for the first time, i.e. 72 hours should be carried out, (at least three nights, that is 3 x 8 hours) so that it can be continuously monitored for 24 hours a day. By doing so, an accurate and complete personal initiation rhythm database can be established.

c) Although each monitoring requires at least 6 hours of continuous monitoring data to develop a rhythm chart, please note that 24-hour continuous monitoring can obtain more accurate and detailed life rhythm data.


Q: How many evaluation Grades are there in the test report? What do they mean?

A: We are divided into 5 Grades according to the fluctuation of the individual human body's biorhythm wave pattern (phenotype).

The meaning of each Grade is different, and the report prompts of each monitoring are different. The following are just examples:

Grade 1: In this monitoring, the rhythmic phenotype fluctuates normally, and the left and right breast rhythms are poor at Grade 1. It is recommended to monitor once a month.

Grade 2: In this monitoring, there was no obvious abnormality in the rhythmic phenotype, and the difference between the left and right breast rhythms was Grade 2. It is recommended to monitor once a month to pay attention to the fluctuation of the left and right breast rhythms.


Q: What is the relationship between the rating of breast nodules and the risk rating of Biorhythm System?

A: Our risk level is not directly related to the level of breast fibrocysts. Breast fibrocysts and the risk level of this product are two different concepts and systems. Breast fibrocyst grading is the disease grading checked by ultrasound, magnetic resonance, or other diagnostic methods deloyed in hospitals. The risk level of Biorhythm System is designed based on the dynamic collection of human body temperature and humidity rhythm changes and other principles to carry out the risk warning of breast health. We recommend seeking medical help when there is a high chance of a certain rhythm change.


Q: Shall I still go to periodic check after using CAREBra?

A: Yes. CAREBra won't replace the breast periodic check in healthcare insitutions. In addittion,according to the suggestion from WHO and National Health Commission’s 2018 edition of Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Standard, it recommends women over the age of 20 to self-check once a month. CAREBra is a solution that enables monthly self-examination in accordance with WHO and the National Diagnosis and Treatment Standards.