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 First Undergarment with Advanced At-home Breast Health Monitoring Patent Technology Worldwide 

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Biorhythm Techonology


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It is the most advanced clothing innovation for an easy, painless and private
monitoring of breast health at home on a regular basis.

Breast Health Facts

1 in 15 women are prone to Breasts Cancer during lifetime.

Breast cancer is getting more common especially in the 45-80 year age group.  The fatality of breasts cancer is high if discovered in later stages. Mortality rate of breasts cancer is 12.5% of all cancers in 2018.

Source: Hong Kong Cancer Registry, Hospital Authority & Hong Kong Well Women Centre

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CAREBra is the world's first breast health monitoring platform that successfully combines home underwear, cloud computing and big data technology. It uses the biological rhythm to predict breast health and assess related health risks, allowing you to conduct self- and scientific breast health examinations every month and build your own lifelong breast health database.

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Home Monitoring Experience


Step 1

Press the switch to activate each device Bluetooth and enable bluetooth function in mobile phone


Step 2

Connect the CAREdevice with your phone

If the connection is unsuccessful, press the device switch, and activate the Bluetooth service again


Step 3

Once the connection is successful, place the device inside the bra and fix its position


Step 4

Make sure each device is correctly placed with the sensor in direct contact with the skin in order to have accurate data collection

Who is CAREBra® for?

Very suitable for women over 35 years old whose has family history of breasts cancers.

For any women seeking a professional breast examination and who wish to have accurate monitoring of the health of their breasts everyday at-home

For women of all ages who want to know more about the health of their breasts in a practical, fast and reliable way

For women who wish to complement their mammography studies , thus achieving a more complete monitoring

Hear From The Professionals is also an excellent tool to explore our body temperature patterns in health
and disease. Its potential is only beginning to be realized.

by Albert YM Tsai MD, FACOG, FACS.